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Recycle Books for Cash, TextBooks Disposal Service United Kingdom - SimplySellbooks.co.uk


Recycle your books for free with us!

If you have old books you no longer want, don’t throw them away!!
Normally books cannot be recycled directly as paper waste because of the adhesives used to bind them together. In this case books would end up in landfill, which is a complete waste!
We accept your books on your behalf for free (meaning it won’t cost you a penny to get rid of them using us).
We will always try to either find a new home for them or donate them to charitable organisations on your behalf where they are sent to Africa. Our aim is to further the lifeline of old books for as long as possible. There’s usually someone who would be happy to take books and our job is to find your books a new home.
When this is no longer possible ie books are no longer in a readable/usable condition and no longer accepted even by charitable organisations, we will dispose of them in a responsible manner.
We will minimise the environmental impact by physically separating the paper from the spine as much as possible before separating paper waste and landfill waste. We hold a Waste carrier license.
If your books meet our condition guidelines and are accepted in our system you can receive cash for your books.
Alternatively if you have a large volume of books that require recycling, please contact us, we will offer you a free disposal service and may even be able to offer you cash.  We’ll collect them from you at our own cost. It won’t cost you money.
Alternatively even if our system doesn’t accept the barcodes for your book, we’ll be happy to give you a fair price for them.
We accept all types of books from children’s books, hardbacks, school textbooks, ex-library books and so on. We offer flexible personalised service, so please feel free to get in touch with us with your requirements. We’ll be happy to help.