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Packaging Guidelines to Sell Used Books - SimplySellBooks.co.uk

Packaging Guidelines

By adhering to our basic packaging guidelines you will ensure your books reach us safely and on time.

-Ensure your box is strong enough to hold the weight of the books.

-The box size must not exceed 240cm in either height, width or length.

-It is always best to place the heaviest books first and the lighter books on top.

-You can use bubble wrap or newspaper to secure the books in the box.

-You should always double check your before sealing the box incase something is missing or you’ve accidentally misplaced something.

-We will send you a postage label, always make sure the postage label is on the top of the box and clearly visible. Old labels/tracking numbers should be removed from the box beforehand. Always use clear tape to secure the label.

-Please post within 2 working days. You will have to drop it off at a local drop off point. If you do not have access to a car and the local drop off point is not close enough we could arrange a collection from your address but it is best for you to contact us before completing your purchase beforehand so we know, or you should contact us as soon as you have completed your sale. This will ensure we have been notified well on time before sending you your postage label.